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Transcend Supplements Creatine Tri-Malate 500g


Transcend Supplements Tri Creatine Malate is a powerful 99% pure PH grade creatine source. Tri Creatine Malate is a Creatine with a Malic Acid attached. The Malic Acid is attached to improve absorption rate and delivery efficiency of the Creatine. Transcend Supplements Tri Creatine Malate provides a alternative Creatine choice for those that have experienced water retention using other Creatine types, while seeking the strength, power and endurance gains associated with Creatine consumption. This is due to the hydration process that this Tri Creatine Malate provides taking place within the muscle itself giving a solid muscle as opposed to a muscle with fluid retention. Unlike other Creatine supplements Transcend Supplements Tri Creatine Malate does not require a loading phase and often increases in strength and endurance can be noticed within the first few sessions.

  1. Faster recovery and less fatigue during workout.
  2. More water soluble and absorbent.
  3. Cell Volumizing effect.
Suggested Directions: Consume 5-10g of Transcend Supplements Tri-Malate Creatine prior to exercise.

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